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by R. K. Sawyer

Images of the Hunt: A Photographic History of Texas Waterfowling is a pictorial celebration of Texas waterfowl hunting, its over 240 images capturing crane, goose, duck, and shorebird hunting from about 1900 to the end of the century. The images show how hunters got to the field, progressing from mules to trains to automobiles, sails to motorboats and airboats, and the many kinds of marsh buggies that were developed over the years. The reader will follow where the hunter stayed in the field – from tents to trapper shacks, camps to houseboats and hunting clubs, as well as the evolution of gadgets and gear sportsmen used in the field, their firearms, duck boats, blinds, decoys, and retrievers. In short, it’s a nostalgic look back through the eyes of the sportsman to a time and place that, for the most part, no longer exists. 

Images of the Hunt

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